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Relaxing Soft Music by Pianist Henry Wiens

Yamaha Artist & Founder of Quiet Heart Music


Countless listeners  have responded personally with touching stories of finding peace and comfort in the midst of physical suffering and grief. Many professional and home caregivers have described the remarkable effects of Henry’s music on Alzheimer’s and hospice patients. These descriptions invariably include words like soothing, calming, comforting, peaceful and relaxing. A very common theme is “We never get tired of your music!”


From Cocoa Beach, FL:“My Mom has Alzheimer’s & I take care of her at home. I have a bunch of music but we don’t play anything else in her room anymore – your music is all we listen to.”


From Pittsburgh, PA:“Your music has been key to calming my mother who has advanced Alzheimers. When we start the music she closes her eyes as if she is visualizing a green pasture and feeling a warm breeze. It’s amazing to watch the tension leave her face and her body relax. We just wore out the 3rd CD player because we have your music playing 24 hours a day!”


From Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada:“For several years now, our Palliative Care program has been using your quiet CDs. Many patients and families have been comforted by your peaceful, flowing piano music. It eases their pain and relaxes their spirits.”


From Columbus, Ohio:“My 15 yr old daughter listened to ‘The Quiet Heart’ for 48 hours straight after her nine hour, spinal fusion surgery. It was the only thing that helped her deal with the intense pain, and enabled her at last to relax and sleep.”


From Denver, Colorado: “The Quiet Heart refreshes my spirit like a spring rain. Daily listening brings me comfort and strength.”


From St. Paul, Minnesota:“We play ‘The Quiet Heart’ on our hospital’s closed circuit patient TV system. The purpose is to create a quiet healing environment in each patient’s room. Henry Wiens’ solo piano music lifts the spirit, calms the soul, and relaxes the patient, thus quickening their healing.

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