After years of letters and calls from many grateful CD listeners coping with grief and chronic pain, Yamaha artist Henry Wiens recognized that his music had significant healing potential and founded Quiet Heart Music in 2003. View The Quiet Heart Story on YouTube.


Henry’s career as a pianist, arranger, and composer began in the tiny country church his father pastored in Upper Michigan. His gifts of improvisation flowered early as he began to combine traditional gospel music with many other styles. He later refined these talents by studying music theory and composition at the University of Minnesota.


Henry’s wide-ranging musical credits include arranging scores of recordings for a wide variety of artists, performing ragtime piano for “Sesame Street Live”co-writing 3 nationally published musicals, and composing music for radio & television, as well as published choral music.


Henry has recorded 8 piano solo CDs in addition to 4 albums with Minneapolis “Pavarotti of Gospel”, singer Robert Robinson. His music is available digitally at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Henry’s piano artistry is also available for Disklavier owners at YamahaMusicSoft.


Henry and his wife, Dr. L. Elizabeth Wiens, reside in the Pittsburgh area and have four daughters – Lora Joy, Stephanie Faith, Joanna Hope and Carolyn Grace – plus 2 grandsons – Asher Justice and Isaiah Patience.

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